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Lofthouse Enterprises
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Lofthouse Enterprises was established in 1992 as a full service destination marketing company. In 1994 Lofthouse  Enterprises established a pan-European approach for our US clients and forged a network enabling us to work the major European markets in one co-ordinated approach. With our head office in the UK we have affiliates based in Germany (covering Austria and Switzerland), The Netherlands (including Belgium) and France.

The philosophy of Lofthouse Enterprises and its affiliates is that success in today's ultra-competitive destination market can only be achieved through in-depth product knowledge and long-term strategies coupled with a personalised and dedicated service.

Because we believe that individualised service and product expertise are jeopardised when a company takes on a large number of clients and projects from disparate areas, we have kept our client base small and focused our expertise on the Southern US states.

As a result, our clients are assured that their destination receives focused, individualised attention based on the expert knowledge we have of the region.

Lofthouse Enterprises was formed in January 1992 as a partnership between David Nicholson and Heather Hendren. There are no other principals, shareholders or investors.   

Lofthouse is registered to do business in the United Kingdom (UK), European Union and USA. Lofthouse has one main office located in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, which is some 30 miles north of London.